Equine Assisted Therapy / learning

Harness the power of the herd


The EPI Model works with relational horse experiences. Different experiences with the horses are offered to you, given your unique needs, goals and wants and the wants and feeling of the horse/s.

It's not always therapy as such...

Many people do not want /need therapy but may come for Equine Assisted Learning Sessions to learn and develop their psycho-social skills, life skills and communication skills.

I offer targeted, one-on-one horse wisdom programs for adolescents and parents and as self-care for mental health professionals and carers.

(See below for information about small groups.)

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Working with Children

Harnessing the power of play


While at present my herd is not ready to work with younger children, I am able to offer room based counselling and therapy sessions for children as young as three, either one-on-one or together with parents or carers.


In these sessions, I work on their sensory experience, with play and movement to assist the children to come to terms with grief, loss or other trauma or to assist them with developing skills where needed.

For adolescents ( eleven and up), room based as well as Equine Assisted services can be made available.  

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Equine Experience

Meeting the herd


Sometimes, it's just the opportunity to experience the majesty of unbridled horses, to meet them on their terms and, just perhaps, learn something about yourself from this unique experience.

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Group Equine Assisted learning

A group harnessing the power of the herd

I can offer horse wisdom programs for small groups (4-6) to support programs for students, staff teams and organisations, such as Veterans, Health and Justice professionals and Parent groups.

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